keeping schtum

It occurred to me the other day that I reveal far too much about the inner-workings of management at the organisation in which I work. At first I feared I was revealing too much about clients, now I fear revealing too much about the people with whom I work.

Which is why some of my posts have been hidden because they are not for public consumption. It is not professional to be speaking about such things on such a public forum, and I would be cactus if any of it was revealed as me.

I know the reasons why I shouldn’t be oversharing online, however sometimes there’s too much for my supervisor and my psychologist to take on – there’s inevitable “spillage”. My other option is to be completely frank, out myself for who I am, what I do and where I do it – but that would mean a serious rethink of how I structure posts and how I do social media in a professional manner. The wonderful bloggers I’ve read lately have actual THINGS to talk about. You know, real food for thought. I can’t provide that as yet – I just don’t have time nor the energy to put in to expanding my brain. Perhaps I need more time and hours of work  – EXPERIENCE and WISDOM under my belt.

Speaking with my psychologist, we discussed that sometimes management is not for everyone, and sometimes we do our best work with clients, not workers – as case managers, not bosses. Time will yet tell where I lie, but as a previous (now private) post has indicated, management doesn’t come as easy (or is as interesting) as working one-on-one with clients.

Anyway, in summary, things on this blog are going to have to be a little different. I may decide to edit those posts and make them public again, but I really need to make sure they – and I – are as professional as possible in content and appearance.


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